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Sage Grouse
Sage Grouse

  1. Grants

A number of governmental agencies have grant funds available to assist in the improvement of the watersheds in Hot Springs County.  The Wyoming Department of Agriculture has provided funding for the water testing program.  This program tries to give some quantitative values to the presence of the bacteria and sediment present in some of the counties creeks.

The Wyoming Water Development Commission has grant programs that can be used to develop plans and then make the resulting projects a reality. The Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality (WYDEQ) has some grant programs, for water quality improvement projects on Wyoming creeks and streams.  These grants have been used in the past to build reservoirs, return streams to their natural streambed's and build structures to collect pools of water, install pipelines and stock tanks.

The Wyoming Wildlife and Natural Resources Trust Fund has grants available to assist with the development of lands.  These funds can be used to maximize the benefits of the limited water available and maximize the grass and habitat production for wild life and livestock.

The Wyoming Game and Fish Commission has grant funds that can be used for the enhancement of wildlife habitat.  Presently, a major concern in Wyoming is the status of sage grouse.  With increased rural activity and lack of moisture over the past few years, the Wyoming sage grouse populations have declined.  Wyoming state government is currently working to increase the number of sage grouse in hopes that sage grouse will not become an endangered species.

The federal government through the National Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) has a number of partial grant programs that will assist landowners in applying best management practices to their lands.

The Bureau of Land Management works with surface land users to assist with improvements to the land that will increase the production of grasses and habitat for wildlife and livestock.

Some of these grant programs can be combined to achieve a completely grant funded project.