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  1. Education

The Conservation District provides educational opportunities to demonstrate to land owners and the general public the benefits that projects using best management practices have for everyone living in Hot Springs County.  The Conservation District with the help of other interested parties and organizations assists in the presentation of tours, presentations and workshops.  Access to the Internet allows the District to access multiple databases and information sources. These efforts are targeted to show how sound land management practices can be applied to your land regardless of the size of the parcel.

Programs that identify weeds and effective ways for their control along with tree and yard care are presented periodically. The district has a number of publications and can provide direction to other sources of information useful to landowners.  Programs showing the proper design and location for an effective septic system have been presented and are a reminder to longtime residents.  Anyone who wants to live in the country will also benefit from this information as they look for or design their new country home. City residents can benefit from all the educational programs and publications.

The Conservation District participates with the Hot Springs Weed and Pest in the sponsorship of an annual county tour to highlight projects that have been completed and other resource issues.